Buried Town Wikia

Your Home is your shelter in the world of Buried Town. You can build and upgrade furniture inside the home to unlock additional crafting options. Your Home is found in the bottom left corner of the town map (when playing as the initial starting character, the "Stranger"; your house changes position when playing not as the "Stranger").

Your Home contains the following structures:

  • Storeroom - Stores all items you collect in the world. Already built when starting a new game. Cannot be upgraded.
  • Toolbox - Where tools (e.g., crowbar), weapons (e.g., axe, pistol), armor (e.g., thick coat), and other equipment (e.g., enhanced knapsack, bright flashlight) can be built. Level 1 of this structure is already built when starting a new game. Upgrading unlocks additional craftable items.
  • Sleeping Bag - Where you sleep to recover energy and health. Upgrading makes each hour of sleep recover more. Upgrade increases regeneration of HP and Energy.
  • Hare Trap - Generates meat. Meat can be eaten raw, but risks infection. Can be cooked at the stove. You must use some Potatoes to set a trap.
  • Distiller - Generates water and alcohol (after upgrades). Water is used for growing plants, cooking, and brewing coffee. Water is not consumed directly.
  • Medicine Box - Where health items can be built. Upgrading unlocks additional craftable items.
  • Radio - Unlocks chat, allowing you to talk with other players. Players do not appear to be able to interact otherwise.
  • Greenhouse - Generates plants (e.g., potatoes, herbs). Most plants are harmful without further preparation.
  • Cellar (playing as Stranger) - Distills vodka from potatoes.
  • Machine Tool (playing as Mr. Luo) - where Bait, Explosive and Bullet can be built.
  • Stove - Where cooked food items can be prepared. Upgrading unlocks additional craftable items. Upgraded items usually require less wood to prepare.
  • Chair - Allows you to take a coffee break, which improves your mood. Upgrading increases the mood boost to coffee breaks.
  • Wood Stove - Burning wood here lowers the chance of getting sick in cold weather.
  • Kennel - Houses a dog that defends against midnight zombie attacks when fed with raw meat. Can only be purchased through micro-transaction.
  • Fence - Defends against midnight zombie attacks. Upgrading increases chances of defending against attack. Just as a precautionary warning: Eventually, even with being fully upgraded, your fence will not be able to defend against the nightly attacks, and the zombies will end up damaging items in your shelter. This happened to me sometime during Spring - so sometime, roughly between Days 80 - 90, if I remember correctly.
  • Gate - How you leave your Home. Cannot be upgraded.